Locks provide a measure of security that gives people peace of mind when it comes to their personal safety. Regardless if it’s for homes or business, Keymasters’ locksmith experts can provide lock installation services to both commercial and residential customers alike. 

Understand that a residential building and a corporate office require different locks, and both client types will be treated differently. We will survey your building and provide recommendations as to what kind of locks you will require. Keymasters only install the highest quality locks from leading brands on the security market, to include Medeco, Baldwin, Yale, Kwikset, and more. Once you have selected what lock you want installed, we will send our highly trained locksmith techs to plan and then conduct the installation. 

Signing up with us offers several key benefits: 
  • Quick and efficient lock installation by highly experienced professional locksmith techs
  • White Plains Keymasters uses only leading brands in the security market to ensure that standards are met and your property is secure. For a complete list of lock brands that we use click here. 
  • We have experience in installing different kinds of locks. This includes cylindrical locks, smart locks, biometric locks, deadbolt locks, cabinet locks, mortise locks and more. 
  • Once the locks installation process is done, we will validate all hardware to ensure that they are in working order. We want to ensure that the job is done right the first time around before we depart. 

If your building is in need of locks installation, Keymasters will send its highly trained locksmith technicians nearest to you to survey your facility. Once that is done, we will give you a quote as to how much your locks installation will cost. Feel free to give us a call at 914-682-8588 if you desire a consultation. 

Residential Lock Installation 

Our company provides locksmithing solutions for all kinds of doors, including front, exterior, interior (such as bedrooms, closet spaces and bathrooms), mailboxes and cabinet doors. The types of locks we have available for installation include high security locks, deadbolt locks, lever handle locks, electronic smart locks, mortise locks, electronic smart locks and many more. We have a vast catalog of locks in varying configurations, all with different finishes and functionality to choose from. Any option you choose will result in increased security for your home as you see fit. 

Commercial Lock Installation 

Locks at commercial buildings require a higher degree of sturdiness and security than residential locks.  If you’re looking to have locks installed in order to improve your business’ security, we have solutions available on hand for you. For example, if you opt to upgrade your security with electronic smart locks, our locksmith techs will provide you with the appropriate solution prior to installation. Our locksmithing company will help you pick the best commercial lock according to how your building is made and what type of doors you have. Regardless if they’re storefront door, glass doors, wooden doors, or any other kind of access point, all door locks must meet ANSI Grade 1 standards. 

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