Key Fob Systems Enhance Security Systems

Many property owners, commercial and business owners, and multi-tenant buildings seek to increase the security of their buildings, employees, residents, and guests by eliminating keyed entrances and moving instead to keyless entries for access points to the premises. 

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While key fob installation may seem to have the greatest application benefits to commercial businesses, they can also be customized to work with several different types of properties, including:
  • Parking garages.
  • Shared community spaces such as gyms, pools, and community gathering centers.
  • Tenant buildings or private residences.
Key fob systems for increased security can offer advantages to traditional keyless entries that utilize keypads and codes, including:
  • Each key fob has a unique ID that allows the property manager or business owner to, “turn on,” or, “turn off,” the key fob. This is a useful and efficient means of dealing with lost or stolen key fobs – you simply turn off that particular keyfob to deny access rather than changing access codes for a keypad or changing locks or re-keying locks.
  • Key fobs can also be turned off or disabled in the event of employment termination or residents moving out of a building.
  • Key fobs create an electronic record of access by users.
  • Key fobs can be customized to allow general access to one main door or can be customized to allow access to several different points within a building depending on the user’s security authorizations.
  • For large commercial businesses, key fobs can be customized to allow employees to have access to the building and points within as well as employee locker rooms or storage cabinets as well as create an employee record for attendance.
key fob system

The digital functionality of key fob system install & repair allows them to be integrated into a comprehensive security system for your business or residence. Authorization for access can be easily granted or blocked by programming each unique key fob based on the user profile. If lost, key fobs are relatively inexpensive to replace when you consider cost you would incur with re-keying or changing the locks in a traditionally keyed building. 

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