“I run a business in New York, is there anyone near me that would help me set a master key system for my building?” 

Our product catalog consists of a variety of locksmith services. Services include locks installation, locks repair, design, replacement, and duplication. If need be, we’ll rekey your current locks to be part of a master key system, all without completely replacing the hardware. 

What is a Master Key System? 

A master key system is a form of access control, where many entries within your property can be limited to a singular master key. Such a system can reduce the number keys individuals carry on their persons to just one. Master key systems can be adjusted with multiple levels of access, granting only what the persons need based on their positions. 

The system has versatile locks that can be made to work a master key along with individual keys. Grandmaster keys can also be configured to give access to all areas of your property. This is useful in the sense that if multiple businesses are operating on one property, the main owner of all companies within the property can have a master key for their own offices. Security personnel and property owners can use grandmaster keys for all the rooms on the property. 

  • What are the benefits of Master Key Systems? 
  • Maximize ease of use along with increased security 
  • Flexible design while using fewer keys 
  • Limit access as to who can access which door 
  • Generate a master key that unlocks all doors 
  • Each person will only need to carry one key on them, even for multiple doors 
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Clients that would benefit from this scheme include any government building, corporate offices, banks, commercial stores, warehouses, apartment buildings, and schools. Regardless of whichever kind of building that you occupy, your business will benefit from a master key system as it provides a greater level of security not afforded by residential clients. 

When you contact us, we will send one of our locksmiths to survey your facility and make recommendations based upon what they have observed. We utilize only brands from leading manufacturers on the market, including Schlage, Kwikset, Master Lock, Mul-T-Lock, and many others. 
Our services extend to multiple areas including Queens, the Bronx and Manhattan. 

You can contact our office at 914-682-8588 in order to schedule a consultation for your property. We’ll give you recommendations and a plan to help you implement a master key system you require in order to protect your property and your business! 

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