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Our locksmithing company offers commercial locksmith services to both business and government organizations in NY. Due to the services that they provide, both types of organizations by their very nature would need to be concerned with security as crime is a serious concern in New York. We have a variety of products available for commercial use to both client types. Regardless if you’re either one, we can service any organization with any type of lock they request. Our commercial services are tailored for all kinds of organizations. 

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All of our company locksmiths are knowledgeable and highly experienced in commercial locksmith handling. In addition, all of them are fully licensed and insured. You can also call us if you would like us to head over to do an inspection of your car ignition system. If you are in need of a technical solution pertaining to your business’ locks, we will give you the expertise and help you need while making every effort to repair them back in working condition or replace them completely. 

If you would like to make business inquiries as to what the extent of our services to commercial clients, you can contact us at 914-682-8588 for additional information. 

Among the available services that we offer to commercial clients include: 
  • Security consulting and system planning services, all designed to meet New York building and fire codes, ADA standards and UL listing. 
  • Hardware – Commercial lock installation, repair and replacement 
  • 24/7 emergency commercial locksmith services – for those who are locked out of their offices. Our locksmith techs can open any store door, fix any damage, and replace locks. We’re also available during holidays and weekends. 
  • Commercial lock services
  • Master key systems: the ideal technical solution for businesses and property managers. This scheme centralizes multiple lucks under a master key system while providing unique accesses for different individuals at the same time. 
  • Access control – provides benefits to business clients for controlling entries with advanced access control systems (accessories include keypads and associated key cards) 
  • Safes – you can order any kind of safe we have available in our inventory, include office safes, commercial safes, deposit safes and fireproof safes. Our locksmiths can open all safes, and we can change lock combinations or repair your safes if necessary. 
  • Corporate accounts: our locksmithing company offers corporate account support for business clients. You will have access to discounts and other special offers when you sign up with us! 

No matter what type of locksmithing service you request, our locksmith company is the best in New York! We want to inspire trust and confidence knowing that we have your back when it comes to security and give you peace of mind. Our locksmiths are certified to handle any kind of locksmithing job you require for your business. We’ll Beat Any Price! 

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