At your request, we will duplicate your auto car keys as a precautionary measure. Keymasters have identifier software that can easily identify what kind of key is associated with your specific vehicle. Our locksmiths can also make spot determinations on the shape and type of your key, and make a template for your duplicate key. From there, the next step involves figuring out a self-aligning template for which the key and a blank key can be shaped to generate an identical copy of given keys. Once these steps are done, the actual replication process will be executed. Once that is done, the given key and the template are aligned with a given key set (along with some adjustments) and a mechanical cassette. This allows for easy duplication and generates a 1 for 1 copy of the original key. 

Why you would want Duplicate Car Keys: 
  1. The security of having backup keys on hand so that you are not stranded alone with your vehicle. Regardless if your key’s program is not working or it breaks, you’ll be given peace of mind knowing that you have a spare one on hand! 
  2. Duplicating car keys is actually cheaper compared to calling for emergency lockout service. It’s actually much better in the event you happen to lose your key, something goes wrong or you need a brand new key cut for yourself. Have a backup key can spare you a headache from having to spend extra if you have one cut now. We’ll Beat Any Price! 
  3. You may want to supply a friend or family member with a duplicate of your car key 
We Have Coverage for Many Car Makes on the Market:

Our reliable & local locksmithing company offers duplication services for most models and makes, including Chrysler, Volkswagen, Hyundai, BMW, Lexus, Citroen, Toyota, Honda, Subaru, Ford and more. For the complete list of manufacturers covered, click here. 

Keymasters’ mission when it comes to service provide a customer satisfaction guarantee when it comes to maintaining our standards of excellence, regardless if it’s repair, installation, or simply for standard business inquiries. We want to ensure that your security needs are satisfied and that you are given peace of mind for whatever you request of us. If you have any questions, all you’ll need to do is contact us at our 24/7 hotline (914-682-8588) and provide the necessary information so that we can cut a key prior to our technician visiting your location. Please keep in mind that we do not duplicate VAT and laser keys on an emergency basis. 

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