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    We employ technicians that have several years of experience in White Plains lock 
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    Our on-call White Plains locksmiths are equipped to handle all types of residential locksmith needs. Whether you are locked out of the house, can’t get into a locked room or mailbox, or you want to rekey your exterior doors for safety reasons, you can count on us to arrive quickly with the best possible price. Our licensed & insured locksmiths stand behind the highest quality customer service and a dedication to fair pricing. We’ll beat any price! Be safe and call now at 914-682-8588 for help. 

    Re-Key Service

    Whether you have lost your house keys, bought a new house, or need to change your keys for security reasons, re-keying is usually more cost-effective than changing the locks. In most cases, we don’t need to replace your locks; we can just change the keys. By re-keying your house, the lock will remain the same but the old keys will not work. We will make new locks to fit your existing lock. 

    Re-keying a lock is as good as a new lock and much more affordable. In most cases, re-keying itself only takes a few minutes. We always recommend re-keying when you buy a home to protect your loved ones and your home. After all, you have no idea how many keys to your home may be floating around! 

    Lock Installation

    Lock replacement is a great option for giving your doors a new look, increasing security, or replacing damaged locks. We install all types of residential locks, including new smart locks that usually require only minor changes to your existing lock. Choosing the right lock for your door is a big decision. We recommend Grade 1 deadbolt locks as they offer a long life and excellent resistance against intruders. 

    An alternative to the traditional front door lock is a smart lock which can give you an alternate way to get into your home in case your smart lock dysfunctions. They can be opened with your phone or a traditional key. You can even lock or unlock your home remotely! 

    Key Duplication

    It’s always a good idea to have extra house keys. We can quickly duplicate high-quality keys for doors, mailboxes, safes, and more. Our locksmith can even come to you and cut a new key on-site

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    Home Lockout

    Locked out of the house? If you have lost your house keys or the key broke, the first thing to do is remain calm! There’s no need to break into your own home. Give us a call at 914-682-8588 and we will arrive quickly to get you back inside. Front door locks usually have a pin and tumbler design that can be picked by an experienced locksmith without damaging the door or lock. The lock only needs to be drilled when you have a lock that can’t be picked, such as a smart door lock. If your keys are lost for good, we can rekey your locks on the spot and give you new house keys. 

    Our mobile locksmiths serve the greater White Plains, New York area, including Yonkers, New Rochelle, Scarsdale, Mount Vernon, Rye, and Valhalla. You can count on us to arrive quickly so you aren’t left waiting. Once we arrive, picking or drilling the lock usually takes about 25 minutes. 


    We understand the importance of keeping your business secure and safe. Our reliable & local locksmiths serve business owners throughout the White Plains area with everything from business re-keying and office lockouts to commercial-grade door and lock installation, security systems, and key control. With The White Plains Keymasters, you can always count on fair pricing, full-service solutions, and a dedication to customer service. 

    The White Plains Keymasters have served the White Plains, New York area for years with a dedication to providing the highest quality services and customer service possible. We serve business owners and homeowners alike with reliable, cost-effective locksmith services like lockout service, lock installation, rekeying, broken lock extraction, safe services, and security system installation. You can count on our licensed & insured locksmiths to arrive quickly and help you out of your tight spot. 

    Contact us today at 914-682-8588 to request a service call. 

    Commercial Lockout

    Locked out of your storefront or office? Just give us a call. An experienced local locksmith can usually unlock your door without any damage to your door or lock. Most offices and retail stores use pin and tumbler lock systems that can be picked. It’s not common but sometimes the lock must be drilled to open your door. If your lock needs to be drilled, we can install a new lock on the spot. We also offer affordable key duplication if your keys have been lost. 

    Commercial Re-keying

    Have you lost keys to your business? Let go of a disgruntled employee? Unfortunately, employee theft costs U.S. businesses billions every year. Personnel changes and disgruntled employees account for a large share of theft. Don’t let oversights like keys that were never returned and failure to control access cost your business. Re-keying is a cost-effective alternative to lock replacement. Within a few minutes, old keys will no longer work and you will receive new keys for your building, office, or file cabinet. Re-keying involves changing the mechanical locking mechanism to reset the lock to work with a different key. Only internal components are changed with no hardware installed.

    Access Control

    We can help with all of your access control and security needs. With quality access control, you can control access to rooms like supply closets or an entire office complex quickly and easily. We offer a range of access control systems ranging from electronic deadbolts with programmed keys that only open at specific times to proxy cards and access logging systems. We can even retrofit existing hardware to increase your facility’s security and safety. 

    One of the most popular access control systems is master keying, which gives you one key that works everywhere in your business. You can choose to give additional keys to independent contractors and employees with control over which locks they can access. Doors with keypad access are also popular as they do not require giving out keys. If you have a small business, a keypad can be added to a door to grant access without giving out keys. Finally, keyless systems with proxy cards allow you to assign who has access to every area of your property while creating an audit trail to see who had access and when.

    Safe Services

    Your business likely has a safe on-site to store petty cash, documents, and other valuables. If you are locked out of your business safe, a White Plains locksmith can open the safe without damaging the contents. Due to the rise of new technology like digital locks, many safes will need to be sawed, pried, or drilled open. If your safe has a combination lock or dial, we can usually manipulate the dial without damaging the safe. 

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    Car Locksmith

    Have you lost your keys? Can’t open your car door? Need a new car key fob? Our auto locksmith in White Plains can help. As a local family owned business, we can arrive quickly to get you back on the road in no time at all. We offer a variety of auto locksmith services with a focus on the best possible customer service and prompt arrival. 

    Car Lockout Service

    Few things are as stressful as locking yourself out of the car, especially if you’re nowhere near home. You can count on our locksmiths to arrive quickly with affordable car lockout service and 24/7 emergency response. We use Slim Jims, wedges, and specialized tools to open your car in no time. Your vehicle will not be damaged and you will be back on the road quickly.

    Car Key Replacement

    If you have lost your car key, you can count on us for fast key replacement and delivery. We can even make a new key and deliver it to you to get you back on your way. Don’t make the mistake of turning to the dealership to replace a lost car key. Dealers often require that your car be towed to the garage and the cost of a new chip key can be unnecessarily expensive. Your local locksmiths can come to you! We will also beat any price.

    Duplicate Car Keys

    Why pay more at the dealership to get extra car keys? Locksmiths can provide the same service at a fraction of the cost. We make duplicate car keys for all makes and models. We can even program keyless entry devices, key fobs, and transponder keys that are guaranteed to work. It’s always good to have an extra set of car keys just in case. Call us at 914-682-8588 to learn more. 

    Call us now - 914-682-8588
    Broken Key Extractions

    You hope it will never happen to you but sometimes a car key breaks off in the ignition or door. If this happens to you, give us a call. We can extract a broken car key in about 20 minutes and offer car key replacement to get you back on the road. Whatever you do, don’t try to fight to get the key out; this will only push it deeper in the lock and make extraction more difficult.

    Ignition Replacement

    Did you know a locksmith can replace your faulty ignition switch? While faulty ignition switches seem like they should be repaired by a mechanic, this is really an issue with your car’s lock. The ignition switch and cylinder are both required for your car key to work. If your car isn’t starting, replacing the ignition is a cost-effective repair that can get you back on the road. Our auto locksmiths will diagnose the problem and install a new ignition switch. You don’t need to worry about towing your car to a mechanic; our mobile

    24/7 Emergency Service

    We understand that you can get locked out of the house or office at any time. Emergencies like lost and broken keys don’t always happen during regular business hours. That’s why we offer reliable 24/7 emergency service to respond to all types of locksmith emergencies. We serve the greater White Plains area and can respond within 15-30 minutes.
    Our emergency services include:

    • Home lockout
    • Business lockout
    • Car lockout
    • Broken key extraction
    • Re-keying service
    • Lock replacement

    You can count on our emergency locksmith to be there quickly in your time of need. Whether you’re facing the aftermath of a break-in, a threat to your safety, or you can’t get into your car or home, call us right away at 914-682-8588 for help. 

    Security Systems

    The White Plains Keymasters don’t just install and open locks; we are also leaders in home and business security systems. Whether you want a simple surveillance camera system or high security locks, our locksmith can help recommend the best system for your application with reliable installation and maintenance. We offer comprehensive security systems for large and small businesses and homes to help you stay safe and protect your assets. 
    Our security system services include: 

    • Video surveillance
    • Intrusion detection
    • Alarm systems
    • High security locks
    • Access control systems

    Safes have been used for thousands of years by businesses and individuals to safeguard valuables, cash, and documents. Whether you need a new safe installed in your business or you simply can’t get into your safe, we can help.
    Our White Plains locksmiths offer a range of safe services including: 

    • Safe lockout
    • New safe installation
    • Safe repair
    • Safe maintenance